Advancing with Technology

Making professional grade tools for a customizable trading environment.

MPS Marketplace Securities multi-asset liquidity solution is equipped with advanced capabilities and features, supporting you along the way of product offering maximization and diversification of revenue streams.

We provide our clients with the ability to customize individual liquidity pools through a FIX API connection. Depending on the client’s needs and requirements, we offer tailor-made setups, along with market leading spreads and execution, due to our close professional relationships with top-tier liquidity providers.

Moreover, MPS Marketplace Securities solutions can be accessed entirely via ultra-low latency API, enabling clients to easily connect their systems to our liquidity and our trading support system, which provides back office and real-time reports. This gives clients the ability to closely monitor their offering, efficiently manage risk, and account for their own existing platforms.

MPS Marketplace Securities utilizes its state of the art trading solutions and empowers your business with high speed execution, ultra-low-latency and co-located connectivity to liquidity venues while giving you the opportunity to connect you via the FIX API interface.

MPS Solutions

In a nutshell, our wide range of features include of:

Swift Order Execution

Our system has been developed to deliver minimal latency thorough our FIX API solution. Whether on a mobile device or a PC, MPS Marketplace Securities clients are able to open market positions, safely in the knowledge, that the rates they wish to enter the markets at are the actual rates, which they do so at. This is incredibly important in markets, which frequently experience significant price movements and volatility in short time spans like digital currencies and commodities.

Real 24-hour market access

MPS Marketplace Securities aims to offer clients round-the-clock access to a wide range of global assets and markets. No matter where you are, our platform brings trading possibilities constantly in different parts of the world. Simply browse through our asset index and select which markets to enter – online trading enables you to open and close positions on some the most recognized companies and assets.

Multiple Integration Options

Regardless of your venture’s scale and level of development, MPS Marketplace Securities delivers a highly technological platform, whose one of many attributes is the seamless integration with a wide variety of new and existing networks. Either as a stand-alone feature or a part of an advanced system, our platform can easily be incorporated. Furthermore, we have also gone to great lengths to make our platform as highly- customizable as possible, so you can tailor it your specific needs and vision.

Multi-asset Liquidity

Achieving substantial volumes of trading activity between market participants is vital to achieving high levels of liquidity. MPS Marketplace Securities puts great efforts in matching buying and selling sides effectively, which is fundamental to ensuring sustainability from an economics perspective. Our platform aims to always offer attractive, tradable assets to interested, market traders.