Тrading Technology

Connect to global trading destinations through one high-capacity platform.

Market leading spreads and execution

Access to top-tier liquidity providers

Real 24-hour market access

High-performance, ultra-low latency API

Why MPS Marketplace Securities?

Nurturing Partnerships Based
On Trust

MPS Marketplace Securities offers innovative liquidity solutions for financial brokers, banks, hedge funds, as well as asset management companies. Our services are made to be accessible, accompanied by excellent customer support to fit our client’s requirements and needs.

Our clients can trust us to provide them with cutting-edge, innovative technology and deep liquidity, helping them improve their trading performance through excellent execution and a fully integrated back office for post-trade risk management and real-time trade monitoring.


Our Innovative Solutions

Making professional grade tools for a customizable trading environment.

Multi-asset Liquidity

MPS Marketplace Securities provides institutional clients with market quotes and trade execution spanning through a wide range of financial instruments.

Ultra-low latency API

Easy-to-use API interface optimized to be at the lowest possible latency providing speed and high-quality processing power.

Access to top-tier liquidity providers

Gain access to top-tier FX liquidity providers, offering your business technology, speed of execution and expert support services.

Risk Management Solutions

We provide clients with innovative risk-management solutions, consisting of performance analysis, accurate insights gained through profitability reports, and effective risk management strategies.

Who We Are

MPS Marketplace Securities – home to state-of-the-art technology and robust liquidity

MPS Marketplace Securities Ltd. is a regulated Fintech company with the objective to provide multi-asset, deep-liquidity trading through cutting-edge technology. In general, our company’s offering appeals to Institutional Clients who require solid technology, robust and well-managed liquidity.

MPS Marketplace Securities services are, therefore, directed to institutional clients such as banks, non-banking financial institutions, hedge funds, FX Brokerages and exchanges, Bank proprietary desks, and traditional Buy-Side Firms, as well as large corporations.

The philosophy we follow is to provide high flexibility for our client’s needs. Therefore, our connections to FX institutions enable our clients to reach a top-notch liquidity pool, while working with high leverage through MPS Marketplace Securities.

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